BUI SUOI HOA
            Phone: 848 847 3832

Bui Suoi Hoa was born in 1957 in Hanoi but has been living in Ho Chi Minh City since 1998. Some of her works are part of the national collection at the Hanoi Museum of Fine Art, the Asian Modern Art Museum in Singapore, Switzerland Museum as well as in many private collections abroad. She generally works in oil.
1985: Suoi Hoa graduated from Hanoi University of Fine Art
1976, 1980, 1985: Attended National Fine Art Exhibition
1985, 1988: Attended Young Vietnamese Artists Exhibition
1988 – 1990: Teaching Art at University of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh city
1991: Attended the majority of fifteen Vietnamese painters in an exhibition by Plum Blossoms in Hong Kong and Singapore
1995: Attended Four Contemporary Artists at J. Wayne Stark University Center Galleries in Texas A&M University
1996: Exhibited at Vietnam Institute Alliance in Paris
3/1997: Exhibited at French Institute Alliance Francaise in New York and private exhibitions in Palm Springs – California and Dalas – Texas
11/1997: Attended exhibition “A Winding River: The Journey of the Contemporary Art in Vietnam” at Meridian International Center in Washington D.C and other states in America in 2 years
7/1998: Attended a workshop and exhibition at Griffis Art Center in Connecticut for 6 months
3/1999: Attended the PASSAGE, a celebration of the tradition in Contemporary Art in Vietnam at Bath House Culture Center in Dalas, Texas
11/1999: Exhibited with Chinese Artists in Singapore
3/2000: Attended Asia Pacific Exhibition with eight other artists at Griffis Art Center in Connecticut
7/2001: Exhibited with Lyly Dao at Moco Gallery in Ho Chi Minh City
2/2002: Exhibited in Geneve
8/2004: Exhibited in Palas Gruppe, Zurich, Switzerland
11/2006: Exhibited in Museum in Ho Chi Minh City
2008 : Exhibited in Oc-Eo Gallery, London, UK
2013 : Exhibition “A moment in Nature” in Saigon, Vietnam