About us

Vietnamese art market is not currently to meet the demand of the collectors in sale and exchange of the artworks. There are many causes of interaction, but one of the most important reasons is the authentic of the works as well as the transparency of the transaction that is not recognized under the direction of professional and scientific. With such points of view, Van Lang centre is set themselves the task of making a bridge between the buyers and the sellers through activities related to research, collect, valuation, brokerage and provides the most comprehensive services for those seeking to acquire, conserve, protect or recover arts and antiques.

- Van Lang Centre is the home to researchers, critics and experts of the art market where the cultural exchange between local collectors and foreigners is accelerated.

- Van Lang Centre cooperates with foreign partners to gradually applied scientific research in the appraisal and valuation of the artworks.

- Van Lang Centre is compiling the database for Vietnamese contemporary artists
We look forwards to working with partners and art’s lovers to jointly promote the development of the art market in Vietnam for its integration to the world’s markets.
Due Diligence - Pre Purchase
Advising on and sourcing of objects for purchase and investment.
Due Diligence on objects to ensure no third party claim to title.
Historic research into objects and their provenance.
Collection Care
Pre-Purchase and collection Condition Surveys.
Expert advice on the conservation of objects with recommendations to appropriate conservators.
Management of the conservation process.
Collection management
Inventory creation, photography and valuation of objects.
Collection Disposal
Sale or disposal advice within the art market, private sales or through well established relationships with museums and galleries.
Storage, Transportation and Shipping
Professional handling, packaging, transportation and shipping of objects.